About Us

Moli is an app that enables seamless live streaming of your mobile screen to an unlimited amount of followers. In a world where a smartphone is a personal canvas, we want to make it easy for viewers to see the mobile activities of others and share their own live and unfiltered. Livestreaming from your mobile can now be used for a variety of purposes both personal, such as sharing your mobile screen with friends and family, or professional, such as entertainment, live gaming, education, coaching, live-shopping and more. With mobile live streaming you can create and share your content with your community as they engage with you in real time.

We believe that the way we put our community first with live mobile streaming for all, nurtures creativity for the next generation. We want to democratize live mobile streaming. But our ambition extends to creating additional ways for interaction and for users to feel connected even through their mobile screens. Seemingly isolated activities done on your mobile device can now be a social activity shared with friends, family and your extended community.